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Kanchan Sangroula


Kanchan Sangroula – Physiotherapist

Kanchan has had Physiotherapy experience in India, Nepal, and Japan. She completed her Bachelors of Physiotherapy (2001) from Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore India. Since then, she has practiced physiotherapy continuously in an Orthopaedic Hospital and private clinics of Nepal. During her work, she treated varies conditions from Musculoskeletal Injuries to Women’s Health problems. Also, she has taken training in rehabilitation of stroke patient from Nanasawha Rehabilitation Hospital, Japan.

Besides working in private clinics and a hospital in Nepal, she was involved in organising Physical Therapy Camps to educate and promote awareness about Diabetes, Obesity, and Women’s Health among people in different parts of Nepal. In 2004, she joined The Nepal Physiotherapy Association and held position of Vice President. She worked to developed and to promote Physiotherapy services in Nepal. From 2006–2010, she held the position of President for The Nepal Physiotherapy Association. At this time, she had the opportunity to join The Nepal Health Professional Council. Their mandate was to regulate the licensing process of practicing Physiotherapy in Nepal. They accomplished this goal. As a President, she participated in The World Physiotherapy Congress in Canada (2007) and in Holland (2011) where she gained knowledge about system practices in the physiotherapy profession in different parts of the world.

Kanchan says,” I get the most of satisfaction, when I am able to bring smile on my patient’s faces.” For more than decade, this joy of service to others has motivated her to help, treat and support needy people in remote parts of Nepal. Kanchan is very successful in relieving Pelvic Girdle Pain with ROST Therapy which is the evidence-based management of pregnancy-related pain of the sacroiliac, pelvic girdle and the pubis. Her specializations also include SHIFT Concussion Management Level 1, TMJ-Temporalmandibular joint adjustments and IMS/Dry Needling. She is excited for the opportunity to enhance her knowledge and physiotherapy techniques as her profession evolves.

Besides her profession, Kanchan loves travelling, swimming and spending time with her family.


Lloyd Simoes


Lloyd Simoes – Physiotherapist

Lloyd is registered with the College of Physiotherapists in British Columbia and completed his Bachelors in Physiotherapy in the year 2002 from India. Before coming to Canada in 2013, Lloyd worked with professional national soccer clubs as a sports physiotherapist from 2003-2008. In 2008 he opened his own clinic where he practiced orthopedic, sports injury, neuro-musculoskeletal, and post surgical rehabilitation.

After 5 years he was passionate to try his skills outside India. His clinic still serves the local community and continues to deliver quality health care.
Lloyd has an interest in manual therapy, sports injury and injury prevention. He has successfully completed Courses in Orthopedic Medicine, Taping and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.

His primary goal is to create ease of movement for the client through manipulation of muscles, joints and soft tissue. Lloyd also believes in combining his manual therapy skills with patient education, integrating exercise prescription with his allied kinesiologist and rehabilitative team to achieve maximum individual goals.

He plans to do more courses to upgrade his skills in manual therapy. During his personal time, he enjoys traveling, exploring new ideas, reading, dancing, watching inspiring movies and spending time with those he loves.


Mike Grewall

Massage Therapist

Mike Grewall – Massage Therapist

Mike was completing his 3rd year of the Bachelor Kinesiology Program at Simon Fraser University, when he was first introduced to massage therapy. His new found passion prompted him to forego finishing his degree in order to attend West Coast College of Massage Therapy in New Westminster from where he graduated and has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2009.

Mike is trained to treat variety of musculoskeletal conditions including but not limited to;

Postural dysfunction, Whiplash, Migraine, Tension headaches, Tendonosis, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and various sport injuries.

His treatment consist of fascial work, muscle energy technique, Swedish deep tissue massage, trigger point release, joint mobilization, passive and active muscle stretching, along with various other techniques. Mike’s focus is to help patients through assessment, treatment, along with prevention and rehabilitation. Mike is certified in Active Release Technique ART which is remarkably helpful in various health conditions.

Mike’s personal interests include volunteering with minor hockey, spending time with his family and friends, refereeing and playing hockey, as well as participating and watching many other sports.

Mike is fluent in English and Punjabi. Mike’s positive outlook in life is contagious to all his patients.


Doug Ripley

Massage Therapist

Doug Ripley – Massage Therapist

Doug graduated from West Coast College of Massage Therapy (3000 hour program) in 2011. His passion for massage therapy evolved from a personal experience of being injured while competing as an elite athlete. Doug has competed for the past 20 years and the most recently at the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

His training and athleticism drives the focus of this practice in rehabilitation from injury, chronic pain and the promotion of healthy lifestyle and ergonomic living and working conditions.

Doug strives to promote a balanced lifestyle to his patients and practices to walk the walk within his own busy life. When not working with patients and not traning to qualify for the next Paralympic Games, Doug loves spending quality time with his family.

Doug has competed for over 20 years, including at the paralympic Games in London in 2012 and Rio De Janeiro in 2016 as well as in the Goal Ball World Championships in Sweden in 2018. He is currently preparing with his team to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.


Katia Salman


Katia Salman – Acupuncturist

Katia is a Registered and Board-Certified Acupuncturist in Vancouver. She graduated from Pacific Coast University – College of Holistic Medicine with a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. As a practitioner, she is known for her kind-hearted nature, holistic approach to diagnosis and particularly for her truly individualized care.

Her practice combines advanced techniques in Acupuncture, Cupping, Tui Na Massage Therapy, Dietary Guidance, and Patient Counseling to address unique health concerns comprehensively.

Inspired by her grandmother, Katia is deeply passionate about using natural medicine to help her patients in their path to well-being. She has found that musculoskeletal injuries, digestive disorders, migraine headaches, respiratory conditions, stress, anxiety, pain and many other body and mind imbalances respond exceptionally well to natural techniques practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Born in Kiev, formerly part of USSR, Katia spent her early childhood speaking Russian. Then most of her elementary school years were spent in Beirut, Lebanon, where she naturally learned Arabic. Today, Katia’s travels are made easier with her knowledge of English, Russian and Arabic languages.

In her spare time, Katia enjoys staying active, solving riddles and hosting social gatherings of all sorts.


Jason Rose


Jason Rose – Kinesiologist

Jason graduated from UBC with a major in Kinesiology and a minor in psychology. His interest in kinesiology, roots from his love for sports and his experience as a national swimmer in Kenya. His vision has been to learn and spread valuable information in the practice of active and healthy living. He gained considerable amount of experience in exercise prescription through various volunteering opportunities over the years. One of which, provided the necessary resources for juveniles and street kids to learn, practice and grow in the sports of soccer and swimming. He hopes to continue expanding his knowledge base and helping people achieve a better standard of living through a healthy and active living.

His time as a national athlete allowed him to travel parts of the world to compete but more importantly, to learn and appreciate other cultures. Having such a strong interest, he enrolled for a cultural psychology course at UBC that triggered his interest in the field of psychology. He aimed at balancing his coaching approach, by being knowledgeable in both the physical and mental state of an individual. This pursue lead him to a minor degree in the field of psychology.

Jason strives at providing a positive, encouraging environment for recovery and growth . He does so, by putting a strong emphasis on understanding the physical and mental demands of each individual, with the aim of formulating a personalized program that is centered around them.

“No puzzle is impossible to solve, it just takes greater focus and resolve to find the solution/ Never stop pursuing the truth, for it might be one step away from discovery”


Mira Michalik

Personal Trainer

Mira Michalik – Personal Trainer

Mira was trained in the area of physiotherapy in Inowroclaw, Poland. After her training, she moved to Germany where she worked in a private physiotherapy clinic and specialized in exercise prescription.

Since moving to Canada, Mira has gained a multitude of experience. She is a certified personal trainer through the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association. She has taken specialized courses including: exercise rehabilitation for the shoulder, knee, hip, core muscles, and balance retraining. Mira worked for Okanagan Rehabilitation Consulting for over seven years, as a one on one exercise therapist in their brain injury program. She has over seventeen years of personal training in facilities such as the YMCA, Women Zone and her own personal training business . Mira also has numerous years of experience working for a plastic surgeon, doing rehabilitation after both cosmetic and medical plastic surgery.

Mira’s specialties include: work and sport conditioning, personal training, hydrotherapy (exercise in the pool), balance training, core strengthening, pre/post natal fitness, injury rehabilitation and women’s health exercise.

What clients say about Mira… “diligent, dedicated and thoroughly professional”, “quick to discover our individual needs”, “astute observations of my wife’s condition”, “good people skills”, “morally committed.”

In her spare time, Mira enjoys traveling, hunting, fishing, hiking, gardening and dancing.

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